Try the engine two months for free!

You can test the engine on the testservers as long as you want. Furthermore you can setup a private gameserver instance and use it for free for two months without any obligations. After that period pay only for what you use, there is no minimum fee and no long-term commitments. This frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining a custom infrastructure and transforms what are commonly large fixed costs into much smaller variable costs.

The costs are based on two variables:

  1. How many users connect within a given month
  2. The duration of the users connections

The result is the number of game-hours (connection-hours) your users spent connected in one month. 1000 game-hours are equivalent to 10,000 users playing 6 minutes each, or 20,000 users playing 3 minutes.

Price: $1.00 per 500 game-hours

You can use the cost calculator to estimate costs based on the number of active users. For high traffic games contact us for a personal offer.

Detailed Statistics

Developers have access to a web-based real-time statistics interface which shows the current number of connected users and the amount of hours which players spent online on a given day, week and month. You can furthermore export the statistics data in CSV format.

Questions & Feedback

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