High performance networking framework, designed for mobile devices and networks.


  • Include one library file into your project
  • React to events from the framework
  • Servers available for immediate testing
  • Comprehensive real-time statistics
  • Facebook authentication and Graph API
  • Hosted or custom user account management
  • Simple data export mechanism

Social Gaming Network

  • Anonymous or authenticated games
  • Auto-Matching finds best opponents
  • Friends and presence information
  • Player attributes, achievements
  • Leaderboards and highscores
  • Tournaments and challenges
  • Chat and messaging


  • Data centers in USA, Europe and Asia -- use the ones closest to your users
  • Globally redundant data storage. Everything is saved in at least 2 datacenters
  • Auto-scaling adds load-balancers and more instances for games with high traffic


  • Integrated encryption with SSL/TLS and AES-256
  • For maximum performance, developers can choose to encrypt the authentication, but to transfer game messages unencrypted. This increases throughput and reduces the client's system load.
  • For maximum security, developers can use SSL for all connections and exchanged messages. Everything will be encrypted but throughput is reduced and more resources are required at the clients.

Supported Platforms

1.5 - 2.2
  More coming...

Frequently Asked Questions